SHINER handlebar mirrors

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SHINER handlebar mirrors

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SHINER handlebar mirrors

SHINER mirrors under the handlebar made of ergal 7075 of very small dimensions for a clean and elegant design of the bike.

Do we make mirrors from today?

Their peculiarity is precisely the reduced size of the mirror, only 58 mm in diameter, which helps not to ruin the clean lines of the mot

In SRT factory we specialize in the production of handlebars and if you are wondering if we will dedicate ourselves to mirrors I tell you right away that the answer is no!

It is also true, however, that the handlebar end mirrors are part of the handlebar accessories and after receiving hundreds of requests we decided to create a specific mirror for the SRT handlebars that was compatible with our handlebars as well as with our counterweights.

And here are the SHINER mirrors!


Well, the term SHINER in English means "black eyes" the typical ones that pop up after a bar fight :)

The SRT mirrors, in size and shape, recall black eyes and we wanted to call them this way.


The very small dimensions, combined with the material with which they are made, ergal 7075 allow to maintain a very low weight to the bone, not going to create excessive vibrations to the handlebar.

In fact, they are among the lightest mirrors, made of aluminum, on the market.

They are also ready to be mounted on the SRT FACTORY handlebar which has a 12mm hole compared to the 13mm of the standard handlebars which are made with less material.

And the downsides?

SHINER mirrors have a really clean line, which adapts very well to any type of motorcycle.

They give a touch of customization with style thanks to the 3D processing of the ergal shell, an anti-reflective blue glass and the possibility of being able to position them at will on the bike.

But as they say, not all that glitters is gold, and there are 2 downsides.

A small mirror allows reduced visibility given the size of the mirror, and this is the first negative aspect.

The second aspect is that these mirrors, again due to their very small size, are not homologated.

Unfortunately this is the price to pay if you want a mirror that is unobtrusive and not large.

For the rest, they can be easily installed and perfectly matched to the SRT handlebar and KR1 counterweights

Mirrors under and above the handlebars

SHINER handlebar end mirrors can be mounted in different positions.

They are installed at the end of the handlebar, directly inside the hole, so they do not "steal" space for the controls, in practice they occupy the place of the counterweights, but do not worry, because the SRT counterweights can still be mounted for reasons of aesthetics to close the part end of the handlebar or to give a color break.

Once assembled you can decide the position of the mirrors, turning them up, down, tilted, down, up.

In short, you have maximum freedom of positioning as well as having them mounted on practically every bike.

specchietti sotto manubrio

specchietti sotto manubrio

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SHINER handlebar mirrors

SHINER handlebar mirrors

SHINER handlebar mirrors