Handlebar Ergal bends high 22 mm SRT for naked bikes

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Handlebar Ergal bends high 22 mm SRT for naked bikes

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Handlebar 22mm high SRT for naked in ergal 7075

The high bend handlebars for SRT motorcycles are made in Italy, are homologated and produced with very high precision and quality criteria. The handlebar is a structural element of the bike and must be safe.
The SRT high bend bike handlebar has an outer diameter of 22 mm and is compatible with most 22 mm riser bikes, the 12 mm inner hole allows the assembly of the handlebar grips and the stabilizing counterweights with an expansion system . The weight is only 600 gr., Despite being light it has a very high resistance guaranteed by the ergal 7075 material with which it is made.

Attention to details

During production, the numerical control bending allows to perfectly replicate the measurements at each production cycle, after which the handlebar is brushed to eliminate the signs of the machinery.

Finally, it is anodised, this chemical treatment of SRT handlebars gives the metal a bright and colored finish that, unlike painting, lasts over time without fading even after years of sun exposure.

The anodization we perform will protect your handlebars from atmospheric agents and oxidation for many years.

The SRT bike handlebar bend high for naked is available in the colors:
red - black - gold - blue - silver - green - orange

The SRT handlebar is the only one to be finished with brushing and anodizing, available in 7 colors, leaving you open-mouthed once received.
manubrio moto srt

The safety of our motorcycle handlebar

    omologazione   lavorazioni di precisione   riduzione vibrazioni trasmesse al pilota      materiali ad elevata resistenza   minor peso rispetto al manubrio originale   high quality standard
For us, the handlebar is a fundamental and structural element of the bike, to which we place the utmost attention.

It must overcome several parameters to be an SRT handlebars, including rigidity and strength to ensure safe driving.

This is why all our handlebars for 22mm motorcycles are designed and manufactured taking into account safety requirements as well as comfort and aesthetics.

The advantages of the SRT bike handlebar.

The 22 mm high SRT handlebar for naked and touring motorcycles was created to satisfy the numerous requests of customers who wanted a quality handlebar for their touring bikes.
The key formula that has allowed the success of this handlebar also this time has been the careful study of bends to create a product that meets the needs of the modern motorcyclist.
Driving and absolute control of the bike, but at the same time, maintain a balanced and comfortable riding posture even after many hours of travel.
Our high handlebar for naked and touring is a fair compromise between the two factors, allows a correct assembly even on bikes that have shorter handlebars, thanks to the upper width allows fast changes of direction.
In addition, with its high crease the seat is "straight" so as not to strain your wrists and back.
The handlebar is supplied without holes for mounting the ignition switch and the throttle control.
At the top of the "data sheet" section you can check the measurements of our motorcycle handlebars.

The length slightly longer than the original standard handlebar is such to improve the lever effect that allows you to control and drive the bike making it more maneuverable and at the same time allows easy assembly on the bike with 22 mm handlebars without having to replace the cables, these two factors give sportiness and maneuverability maintaining a good posture of the driver without tiring the wrists and the back of the driver.

But on my bike this handlebar mounts?

The 22 mm SRT handlebars are compatible on all 22mm riser bikes.

- The diameter:
the knobs, the brake pump, the electric blocks and all the components mounted on the original handlebar of the motorbike are compatible since they are all with a standard diameter of 22mm (valid for all motorcycles with the exception of American motorcycles).

The handlebar is supplied without holes for mounting the ignition switch and the throttle control.

- Overall dimensions:

to choose the right bend you have to check the measurements. In the "data sheet" section on this page you will find the measures, such as width and height.

If you are looking for a handlebar with measures similar to those of the original handlebar such as Ducati Monster, Kawasaki Z800, Suzuki SV 650 or Yamaha MT-09 etc., we recommend the medium fold handlebars.

If instead you need a more sporty handlebar or to make a real cafe racer we recommend the low fold handlebars.

Or if you have a touring motorbike or use the bike for long journeys and you often have back pain because of too sporty posture we recommend the high handlebar for naked and touring bikes like Honda Transalp, Yamaha Tenerè, Mt-07 Tracer.

manubrio moto srt

Are you still undecided?

If you still have doubts find out why you should CHOOSE A HANDLEBAR SRT FACTORY and because our handlebars is the only one that definitely solves the problems of riding motorcyclists.

The SRT handlebar high bend from naked was designed to be used in cases where a high handlebar is needed to have a more comfortable saddle position, such as for example on BMW Gs650, 700, Yamaha Tracer 700, Transalp 700, Versys 650, V -strom 650 and so on, ideal for a more comfortable and fun ride of your bike, improving the position in the saddle.

The shape and the size enhance the driving, make the bike more manageable, more fun and more precise, obtaining driving improvements that no other handlebar can give you.

The position in the saddle will be more comfortable, maintaining a more straight position without sacrificing the pure driving pleasure that even touring bikes can give.

This result is only possible thanks to the unique shape and size of the SRT handlebar, which is high as a naked.

manubrio piega alta naked

I also leave you a simple list of some of the applications on which the handlebar high SRT 22 mm high bend from naked can be mounted:

- Bmw      
           F800 Gs
           F700 Gs
           F650 Gs
- Ducati
           Hypermotard 821
           Multistrada 950 / 620

- Husqvarna
- Kawasaki
           Versys 650 / 1000
- Suzuki
           V-strom 650 / 1000

- Triumph

- Yamaha
           MT07 Tracer
           XRS 700

  • Handlebar width 798 mm
  • Handlebar height 100 mm
  • Recess handlebar 55 mm
  • Diameter handlebar 22 mm
  • Width fixing handlebar 200 mm
  • Weight 600 gr

Yamaha TDM 900

Manubrio dal bel look, largo e aperto ho migliorato il controllo


    V STROM 650 2004

    Ottimo prodotto e consulenza competente. Acquistato manubrio piega alta e manopole, decisamente migliorate estetica e guidabilità.


      Kawasaki Versys 650

      Finalmente ho trovato la.mia impostazione di guida. Sparite le vibrazioni tutta un altra guida . Grazie SRT Factory


        Transalp 650

        Il vostro "piega alta" è troppo basso e tocca in manovra con serbatoio e cupolino. La guida migliora tantissimo: maggiore controllo, più reattività e migliore ergonomia. Nonostante tutto OTTIMO!!!


          Ducati scrambler icon 800

          Manubrio molto bello. Tutto ok Consegna rapida. Soddisfatto 100%


            Migliora posizione

            Migliorata la posizione di guida sulla mia tracer. Molto contento, grazie

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              Handlebar Ergal bends high 22 mm SRT for naked bikes

              Handlebar Ergal bends high 22 mm SRT for naked bikes

              Handlebar Ergal bends high 22 mm SRT for naked bikes

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